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Ch.2's Parker headed to Ch.7's new morning program


Channel 2 meteorologist Andy Parker is leaving the station to become part of Channel 7's revamped morning program this fall.

Parker joined Channel 2 about a decade ago, a few years after leaving Channel 7 when he was unable to operate a business when he was doing weather. He worked at Channel 7 for seven years until leaving in 2000.

"We are thrilled to have Andy Parker coming home to 7 Eyewitness News,” said Channel 7 General Manager Michael Nurse in a release announcing Parker's hiring.  “Knowing and understanding the changes in Buffalo weather is critically important to our viewers. Andy’s addition to our already strong team of meteorologists gives us a clear advantage in continuing to provide lifesaving information to our dedicated viewers. We strongly believe that Andy’s addition makes WKBW the most accurate and trusted weather source in the Buffalo area.”

Nurse's uplifting release came about an hour after Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner announced to his staff that Parker was leaving the NBC affiliate:


"After many discussions, Andy Parker has decided to leave us here at 2 On Your Side.   His last day at the station is today.

"Andy has been at Channel 2 since 2004 and his development here culminated when he replaced Chesley McNeil on '"Daybreak" a few years back.

"We wish him and his family all the best in whatever the future holds.

"Maria Genero will join the 'Daybreak' team starting tomorrow and our search for a new and transformational meteorologist begins immediately.


The move from the top-rated morning program, "Daybreak," to the third-rated morning program, suggests that Parker did well in recent research conducted by Channel 7's new owner, E.W. Scripps Co.

Scripps realized it needed to make some sort of splash to get people to give Channel 7's new morning program another look. It most likely gave Parker a handsome raise to leave Channel 2, where he appeared to be in line to replace the station's top weatherman, Kevin O'Connell, when O'Connell retires.

Scripps also probably realizes that it needs more than Parker. The key to getting people to watch most likely will be the anchors that Scripps hires for the morning program.

Channel 7 is looking to replace Cole Heath and Tiffany Lundberg, the morning anchors who were let go last week after a year as the station's already low morning ratings plummeted even more.

  • UncleBluck

    How bout getting some real news people on these programs along with some real news...I like looking at a pretty face as much as the next guy but these brainless airheads they have on in the morning and the lack of much real news may be the issue...

    • Katie Claybourne

      Current channel 7 morning female sounds like she's reading her high school essay to the class.

  • Wally Balls

    How is this news?

    • no name

      It's on the TV blog. It was recently posted and got thrown into "The Feed" by default. Why take the time to post a comment like this if you took the time to read it?

      • Wally Balls

        It's on the front page, dude. Refresh your window.

        • no name

          I know. Any new blog posts, news, etc. get posted to "The Feed" on the homepage. It doesn't specifically mean it's a "front page" urgent news story.

          Obviously it worked because you clicked :)


    It's Channel's 2's loss, big time. Andy Parker is the heir apparent of Tom Jolls, in both temperament and likability. I'm pretty sure that Jolls would agree although he doesn't make public endorsements. Parker will have coat tails bringing viewers to 7.

    Of course Maria Genero is no slouch. She's the Sophia Loren of Buffalo television and somehow gets better looking as the years go by. (those magical Italiano genes, no doubt) If I was the TV czar she's be a 5pm or a morning anchor. (my motto is beauty yes, ugly no)

    The morning beauty queen anchor at Ch. 7 looks like a movie star. She's learn the ropes and be recruited outta town in no time flat.

    Good luck to Andy Parker, It's a bold move and a good start by Ch. 7 and should pay off.

  • joe

    cool. hope they get someone with a personality to replace him. nothing personal, he just bores me when he is on!

  • joenamherst

    Too bad he can't replace the horrid Deseray Wiley.

    • Katie Claybourne

      Agreed, she is just awful.

  • Mike Michaels

    To leave a number 1 station and be a lead guy for a #3 rated channel, I hope he got a nice raise. Good for him

  • Stephanie N. Huthmacher

    I cannot stand Maria Genero. What can't Kevin O'Neill replace Andy? He's a meteorologist! Did he get his degree only to be undervalued by his employer?

    • jlna5434

      I agree!! There's got to be someone better than Maria Genero!!!

  • Bill Baumgartner

    He Probably lest to get away from that prissy Melissa Holmes! John Beard and Andy were great together and Heather Lee would have been the best.

    • jlna5434

      You hit it right on the head about Melissa Holmes!! She's nothing more than a self absorbed princess!!! Can't blame anyone that wants to get away from her.

  • Todd Peterson

    Maria Genero is a veteran meteorologist who has the personality to make a seamless transition into the role..she enjoys working part-time, so this will work well for her